An Update from the May Council Meeting

Adam Osprey

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On Wednesday the 10th of May we held one of our biannual Council meetings, where our governing body of 42 elected members come together with the executive team from Queen Street to discuss hot topics and the future of community pharmacy in Scotland.

This time round we were in the Hilton in Dunblane, and before the meeting kicked off we went live on Facebook to let you get to know a couple of Council members a bit better – the videos are still available to play back on our Facebook page!

The agenda for the day was a packed one, with the Council members asking us in advance which topics they would like to be covered and to have an input on. In the morning we discussed the impending Falsified Medicines Directive, which will help ensure that all prescription medicines in the supply chain in the UK are genuine. We welcomed an external speaker from the group responsible for delivering this ambitious  project to give us a bit of background and a progress update.

The afternoon was then spent discussing the new NHS complaints procedure, the Scottish Government's exciting plans for refreshing CMS, an update on the Inverclyde new ways of working project and the current negotiations on the Scottish Community Pharmacy Contract.

Our next Council meeting will be in November – follow us on social media on the day for more live interviews with Council members and CPS staff, and to see what all the hot topics are!