November Council Meeting

Adam Osprey, Policy & Development Pharmacist

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On the 9th of November, I attended my first CPS Council meeting in Falkirk – and was in at the deep end holding a session as well!

As well as some informative presentations, it was great to see some of the ways in which the Council steers our activities – the interactive sessions have given us a lot of material to work with, and our agenda was even changed mid-meeting when members agreed one topic in particular needed further discussion!

The day kicked off with Martin (Chair) giving us a rundown of the plans for negotiations relating to the 2017/18 financial package. He described how the working relationship between the negotiating team and Scottish Government is closer than ever, and that both parties were keen to reach an agreement that would benefit both our members and the people that we serve as a network.

Amanda then held an interactive session on the transfer of medicines from secondary care to community pharmacy – this grabbed everyone’s attention as there is huge potential to not only vastly improve accessibility to medicines for our patients, but to prove that we can add value to supply. The provision of pharmaceutical care and interventions with these medicines will improve health outcomes for patients with a wide range of serious conditions. Council members were so keen to agree upon a robust framework for this emerging service and get it right for patients that Amanda had to cancel her second session (on the Falsified Medicines Directive) to allow more time on the topic!

After a (very) short break, we welcomed Eddie McGinney from Counter Fraud Services, who talked about their shift of focus to preventing and disabling criminal activity, which will require them to work much more closely with networks such as our own – we look forward to it!

Matt (Director of Operations) then gave a brief update on the impending Inverclyde MAS extension pilot before I took the floor and asked members for their input into our support strategy around Quality Improvement and Closer Partnership Working. I’d like to thank everyone for engaging, it’s given us a lot of material to work with – keep an eye out for further support materials for continuous improvement on the website!

Jenny (Head of Support Services) and Martin then rounded off the day with the AGM business, and my first Council meeting was over as quickly as it had started. Attending the meeting has given me a new appreciation for how the structure of CPS works to bring about progress for the community pharmacy network and ultimately those who access our services. Having a group who are invested in and represent the broad range of contractors in Scotland ensures that all bases are covered as we move forward, and keeps the team at Queen Street even more in touch with the needs of those who we are working for.

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