QI and Closer Partnership Working 2016/17

Monday, November 21, 2016

By Adam Osprey, Policy & Development Pharmacist

Following the recent circular PCA(P)(2016) 15, we anticipated that this topic would require us to provide some additional support, and as such we published a “How to” guide which hopefully provided more insight into what actions are required. Within this, we asked for contractors to get in touch with any further questions, feedback or examples of good practice relating to the Closer Partnership Working aspect of the circular. We would like to thank everyone who has responded so far – as a result of your communications we have answered some questions surrounding payment and the Safety Climate Survey on our FAQ section of the website, and have amended a duplication error under Activity B in the “How to” guide, which has now been republished on the website. We apologise for any confusion arising from this. Going forward, we will tag any new FAQs with “Continuous Improvement”, so that searching this term will return all QI/CPW results.

We advised that we would be collating information that we gather around the Closer Partnership Working so that we can work as a network to share and develop innovative ways of working with our other healthcare colleagues. We will publish this on the website and it will also be sent out weekly with any updates added. Please see the latest news section of the website for the most up to date feedback. For this exercise to be of value to everyone in the network and their patients, we would urge you, as contractors, to get in touch with your experiences of what has gone well and any learnings from working on this. Any ideas, no matter how well developed, would also be welcome, as we can update the spreadsheet when progress is made towards your goals. In doing this, your idea may inspire others as to what they could pursue, or you could attract feedback which could help you develop your own plans.

Top Tip: If you’re not sure where to start with the QI activities, a good idea is to complete the Safety Climate Survey with your team in the first instance. It will let you see a snapshot of how safe the culture in your pharmacy is, and hopefully start conversations about how to make improvements. The QI modules will then introduce you to tools that can be used to do this. As changes are made, you can repeat the SCS to see what impact you’ve made!

If you need any further details or support, please contact Adam Osprey or Amanda Rae