SAMH Information Service

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Three goals drive the work we do at SAMH: promoting good mental health, ending stigma and discrimination and being there for people. Our Information Service embodies these three goals by providing reliable and non-judgmental information about mental health directly to people contacting us for help and support.

Giving people reliable and accurate information is central to the day-to-day work of our Information Service, as it is for you working in a pharmacy. Our Information Service hears from an average 300 people a month - around ten people every day - who are struggling to find information about mental health and mental health services.

The people contacting us vary from those who are themselves living with a mental health problem to people looking to support a family member or friend with their mental health, and, health and social care professionals looking for information about local resources. To respond to enquiries our Information Officer provides support over the phone and by email.

We can support you in your role as a pharmacist through our Information Service. If you are looking for information about what local mental health services and resources are available in your area, that you can signpost a person to, we can help provide that information. Or if a person comes into the pharmacy looking for more information about mental health or what mental health services they can access, you can let them know how they can contact us. Our Information Officer can also let you know if there are any SAMH services in your area that a person can access and how someone could go about getting referred to a SAMH service or get other support in place for their mental health.

Our Information Service is fully funded through money generously donated to support the work we do at SAMH. By supporting us as your Charity Partner you’re helping us continue to be here providing reliable information about mental health to people across Scotland.

The SAMH Information Service can be contacted by email; or by phone; 0141 530 1000. Resource booklets for various mental health problems and about suicide are also available to download on our website.