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Clexane 20mg Out of Stock

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Clexane 20mg (this strength only) is going to be out of stock from this week to mid-August. Hospitals will not be able to access the product during this time  - arrangements have been made for hospitals to access an alternative low molecular weight heparin product in the interim (switch to an alternative product).

Given the challenge of managing a switch of this product in primary care, Sanofi have agreed to protect a small amount of Clexane 20mg in line with historical demand for use in primary care. Our current understanding of the arrangement is that this stock will only be available to order by community pharmacies from Phoenix. Given recent changes in prescribing practice, we estimate demand for this strength to be very low (less than 30 packs/week at Scotland level). The Boards with highest use of Clexane are GG&C, Lanarkshire and Forth Valley.  Not all community pharmacies have Phoenix accounts; if a pharmacy needs to access the stock and doesn’t have an account, they will need to source supply via another route, for example sourcing via a neighbouring pharmacy that has an account. It is hoped that this short-term arrangement will protect continuity of supply of Clexane 20mg to community pharmacies over the next few weeks.  

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