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Making Pharmacy Law fit for the future – have your say!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Our Board of Directors have just signed off the official CPS response to the Department of Health’s consultation on rebalancing medicines legislation. In plain English, this means that we are supporting the move towards the GPhC having more power to set standards and rules instead of having them all laid out in the law.

Why? Because the current set up isn’t flexible enough. Changing the law is not an easy task, but the GPhC are great at asking us (and you!) what we think before making big changes, so this will give everyone more of a say over what should and shouldn’t be allowed, and will allow for more responsive and controlled changes as technology and ways of working develop. This consultation is asking specifically about the roles of the Responsible Pharmacist and the Superintendent Pharmacist and we think it would be worth your time to get involved – have a look at our response and see what you think – you can respond and add your voice to ours if you feel as strongly as we do about the proposed changes!

Next up on the Rebalancing agenda is the Supervision debate – we can’t wait to get our teeth into this hot topic and will keep you updated when we know more!

If you’d like to find out more about our consultation responses, just get in touch with Adam or Amanda in the Policy office.