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Pharmacy First Evaluation

Friday, May 11, 2018

Great news! Our colleagues at NES Pharmacy are undertaking a large-scale evaluation of the Pharmacy First service across the whole of Scotland! A third of community pharmacies (about 400) will receive a participation pack with 5 surveys to hand out to people using the service between now and the end of June . Pharmacy teams will also be invited to complete a quick online questionnaire on their views of the service so there is a chance to have your say about how this benefits the people you look after.

At the moment, we know that teams are already getting to grips with GDPR, the Duty of Candour and our very own MAS research project along with all the rest of the complexities that the day job brings - we recognise that time is tight. Evidencing the work that you do is becoming essential, and there is only so much that dispensing data alone can tell us and those who fund the services that you provide. The more teams who take part in this and future projects, the more powerful the results we obtain – which in turn help both CPS and CP(HB) committees in representing you as essential healthcare providers at national and local levels and uncover valuable information about how to improve services.

So – if you’re one of the lucky third to be randomly selected, please do what you can to get involved and make a difference!