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Smoking Cessation Products – National Tender

Friday, June 16, 2017

The NHS has recently completed a Scotland-wide tendering exercise for certain smoking cessation products. The process ended with various Nicotinell products being offered to NHS Scotland for use in the community and prisons with associated price rebates paid to Boards on a specific, per item prescribed basis. You may notice your local Board amending their preferred product formulary for NRT as a result of this, reflecting the change in cost-effectiveness across the whole range of NRT products.

It is important to note that all products which were prescribable under the smoking cessation service still remain so, and should the Nicotinell range not suit a given patient’s clinical need, there are still other options which can be used after exercising your professional judgement.

The tendering process also included the approval of training materials to support delivery of smoking cessation services, and as such you may have these NHS-approved resources delivered to you or made available via industry representatives over the coming months.