PVG Scheme


PVG Scheme HeaderThe Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) (Scotland) Act 2007 came into being as a response to the Birchad Inquiry report that called for a registration scheme for all those who work with children and protected adults. The PVG Scheme covers all kinds of regulated work and pharmacists take part in that regulated work in their role as responsible pharmacists.

The Scheme allows contractors to check that their pharmacists are not on any barred list by having them disclosed and their company name becomes listed as an ‘interested party’ on the pharmacist’s Disclosure Scotland file. If any of the applicant's status changes, the company as an "interested party" would be informed by us.

How We Can Help

The PVG Team at CPS will handle all aspects of the administration on behalf of our members with contractors only having to cover the cost of the Disclosure Scotland fees.

Pharmacy Owners

Advice for Pharmacy Owners

As a contractor owner member, we offer you a free administrative service to help you have your pharmacists disclosed as part of the PVG Scheme.

Please note: Disclosure Scotland fees are still payable to process the certificate.

Please see the guidance on how the process works and this guide on your options for payment

The guide contains a few pages for you to fill out and return to us. Upon receiving those pages, we will send out the correct application forms for your staff. A member of our PVG Team will check your completed forms and countersign them on behalf of the pharmacy and will send these forms to Disclosure Scotland for the final part of the process. When Disclosure Scotland issues a certificate, both the applicant and CPS receive a copy. We will then get in touch with the named contact in your organisation by email to confirm the pertinent information. 

Information from the PVG Scheme Guide to send to us:

Advice for Locum Pharmacists

As a Locum Pharmacist, when you work for a pharmacy contractor, they may require you to have a PVG. It is an offense for any organisation, including a pharmacy contractor, to knowingly offer regulated work to an individual barred from that work (Section 35(1) of the PVG Act). To avoid committing this offense it is best for pharmacies to ensure that an individual being offered regulated work is a PVG Scheme member.

A number of pharmacy contractors and locum agencies are now asking Locum Pharmacists to become PVG Scheme members to comply with the information above. Any employer has the right to ask for an updated scheme record to register as an “interested party” in relation to your PVG.

Please note that a PVG Scheme Record or Scheme Record Update applied for through a locum agency will only cover working hours booked through the agency.

If you have lost your current certificate, or are unsure if you have been disclosed, please contact Disclosure Scotland on response@disclosurescotland.gov.scot. We have created a list of questions that you will need to answer to establish your status.

In order to begin the application process and have our team countersign, please complete this form. Please see this update on the new PVG process and this guidance (Existing Applicants Guide & First Time Applicants Guide) on completing the process.

If you have any questions about the PVG Scheme or your membership status, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0131 467 7766 or email pvg.enquiries@cps.scot.

Advice for Provisionally/Pre Reg Pharmacists

In order to begin the application process and have our team countersign, please complete this form. Please see this update on the new PVG process and this guidance (Existing Applicants Guide & First Time Applicants Guide) on completing the process.


  • Apply 6 weeks ahead
  • Employer name & contractor code
  • Determine membership status
  • Email Disclosure Scotland if you are an existing member and do not have a copy of your certificate
  • Payment
  • Contact us for an application form

Duty to Refer

Make a Referral to Disclosure Scotland

Regulated work is defined by the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 as “activities which a person does or establishments in which a person works.  The definition of regulated work is designed to be broad enough to safeguard children and protected adults from unsuitable people who could pose a risk to them.”

As pharmacy owners, you will have employees carrying out regulated work, providing healthcare services to vulnerable groups. Because of this, you have a duty of care to report any harmful behaviour that might affect whether the person is allowed to work with children or protected adults. This applies whether the person is a member of the PVG Scheme or not.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to make a report, you must make a referral to Disclosure Scotland explaining what’s happened. This only has to be done if the harmful behaviour resulted in the person involved being dismissed, (including where they would have been dismissed, but left before they could be) or were transferred permanently away from work with children or protected adults. Find out more about Duty to Refer.

Basic Disclosure for Delivery Drivers

If you need to have your delivery drivers undergo a basic disclosure, you can find the application form you need here.

Unlike the PVG forms for your pharmacists, these do not need to be sent to us to countersign, instead these should be sent directly to Disclosure Scotland, to the email address listed on the application form.