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  • CMS Ready Reckoner

    The CMS Ready Reckoner (10/12/2018) is now available to download.

    If you have any questions about the Ready Reckoner please email Shaun Cowan.

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  • Brexit: An Update on our Contingency Planning

    This update is intended to provide a little reassurance over some of the news coverage that our community pharmacy teams may have seen today (December…

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  • Circular PCA(P)(2018)20

    This circular advises community pharmacies and NHS Boards of a revision to the interim validation protocol for the dispensing of adrenaline auto-injec…

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  • Circular PCA(P)(2018)19 - Dispensing Pool Payment

    This circular advises of changes to the Drug Tariff with respect to dispensing pool remuneration arrangements for dispensing months September 2018 to …

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  • Circular PCA(P)(2018)18 - Gluten Free Food Items in Scotland

    This circular informs community pharmacies and other stakeholders that a new part of the Scottish Drug Tariff will be introduced from 1 December 2018.…

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  • Operational Logbook December 2018

    The Operational Logbook for December 2018 is now available to download.

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  • November Adjusted Prices – Thank you for your support

    There has been a significant number of changes to the Adjusted Prices over the course of November and we would like to take the opportunity to thank y…

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  • Circular PCA(P)(2018) 17 - Drug Tariff Part 11 Discount Clawback Scale

    This circular advises community pharmacy contractors and NHS Boards on the amendments to the Drug Tariff Part 11 clawback scale for the dispensing mon…

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  • 2019/2020 Courier Bags

    It’s that time of year again when the postman will be delivering your new allocation of Courier Bags in preparation for the New Year.

    In your parcel …

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  • Did you know that you can receive additional funding for hosting Undergraduate students in 2018/19?

    In September 2018 Scottish Government announced that funding would be made available for the Additional Cost of Teaching (ACT) to support student phar…

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